Camp 3G Begins as Dews Head for Switzerland!

As Tara and Jamie said their goodbyes and headed to Switzerland, the 3 Gs (Grandma, Grandpa and Gigi) jumped into action for the first of 8 days with the grands. We were so thrilled to be able to help make this dream a reality for two who most definitely deserve it!

To begin with, the goodbyes were uneventful which was such an answer to prayer! The kiddos are so used to coming to our house that they simply waved goodbye and off mommy and daddy went. Fortunately they are a bit young to understand just how long the trip was, or how far away their parents were!

We played for a bit with Tinker Toys and then created a sweet little video for Mommy and Daddy to enjoy. I am amazed that all four could twirl their sunbursts and sing at the same time!

Gigi is a pro at reading to the little ones and they LOVE it! For now, the book they want read over and over is Oh What A Busy Day! by Gyo Fujikawa.

Mommy had left sweet notes for each of the kiddos, so Grandpa read each one to them when we got to their house for naptime. I included a close up of Samuel’s here, but they were all too sweet for words!

During naptime for the Littles, the Bigs headed off for piano lessons with Pastor Daniel. Here are our budding musicians:

Then, it was time for an outing to Chick-Fil-A. From chicken nuggets to ice cream cones and the playground, a good time was had by all!

Let me leave you with a bit of what Mommy and Daddy saw in Zurich, Switzerland. So beautiful…

Oh what a busy day we had! Stay tuned for more fun times at Camp 3G.