Calm Waters

Picture Well, the storm has passed and calm waters are upon us again. Or at least I sure hope they are. Mr. B went for his chemo treatment today, the first one of his second cycle. He seems to be feeling much better than he did for any of the previous 4 treatments. The chemo nurse asked him if he was feeling better since starting on the Velcade. She said that many of the patients do. Mr. B and I looked at each other and said that he felt much better before he ever started on any treatments because he wasn’t even aware that he had MM. Anyway, now we are looking ahead and are hopeful that the treatments will help him enough so that he can have a break from them. My daughter and I have the dandelion root all ready to go when that day comes. :-)

Mr. B is also a pro already at injecting the heparin. It’s amazing how one thing like that can make such a difference in how he feels. And to think we could have lost him if one of those blood blots had lodged in the wrong place. The doctor described Mr. B’s condition as very serious. I’m just glad that we took him to the hospital when we did. Another day or even a few hours later, things might have turned out different.

But for now, we’ll bask in the calm waters and enjoy the scenery. And take time to smell the roses. *g*