Calgon, take me away!

I’m continuing my quest to have a more creative elf, because I’m still feeling like an Elf Slacker. From what I’ve been seeing on Pinterest and Facebook, you’re pretty much required to give your elf a bath in a bowl of marshmallows. Those of you who don’t see 100 Elf on the Shelf photos posted by your Facebook friends each day might think this is pretty creative; however, the bath-in-marshmallows-setup is pretty much Basic Elf for Beginners 101. (One of my friends handmade her elf a sweater. A sweater!) I’m not to the sweater level yet, but think I managed to pull off the bathtub pose:
As I was looking at my handiwork, I started to get a little nervous. Was WCK going to believe this? It’s one thing to believe the little elf is flying to the North Pole and then flying back to a different spot in the house each night. It’s a little bit of a stretch to believe that he found himself a bowl, opened the bag of marshmallows, settled himself into a bath, thought, “Wait a minute! My hair is getting wet!”, went upstairs and wrapped a washcloth around his head, and returned to his marshmallow bath, where he would soak comfortably for 24 hours.
Surely, she was going to see through this. Surely, it would all come together and she would accuse me of manipulating the elf. Surely, our days of Elf Fun are over.
No. As Ferris Bueller once said, she bought it.

All right. I guess I’d better start working on that sweater.