Business as usual

With nothing to report I find it difficult to find topics or stories to post on my blog. I feel like I’m getting back to normal. I also find (or at least I believe) that the nortiptylene is also affecting my general capacities (in other words I’m a perfect target for those old blonde jokes).

I still have issues with my feet and hands but by no means is it like it was previously. I’m wearing my regular shoes and just dealing with a dull soreness and numbing at the end of the day and first thing in the morning. I’m not sure when the docs will let me get off the drugs as I feel like I’m getting to normal. I’d like to try without and am hoping I can do this come June.

But all this is really just business as usual. This week my friend fighting AML came down with a 103f temp or over 2 days. They couldn’t find the cause and were going through a series of antibiotics until finally one worked. Apparently he had a strep infection of some sort. Bottom line, it was one of the toughest things he’s been through in his life. It’s also been a time that he’s had to face mortality.

Now everyone knows my blog never really approaches the issue of mortality. Is it because I’m scared? Because I’ve never had to face that issue? Perhaps. But in my eyes, I could spend time worrying about that or spend time in what I believe to be a more productive fashion. I dont believe it’s that I want to face this issue, as I believe I will have to at some point. At that time, I’ll deal with it. Till then, I’m only looking forward. And if I can get off the drugs, perhaps I can do so in a more organized fashion than I’ve been doing lately – and be a bit less blonde-like!

For now, my goal is to get up tomorrow morning, do my pushups, situps and pullups. I want to be able to get a 20 min workout in each morning. From there I want to get out running 2x per week. What finally got me in this mood? First, i’m starting to feel more normal. Second, I’m starting to look fat! ;) But last, and most important, I see what happened to my friend and realize that I can help prevent getting into that position if I get myself into better shape.

So tomorrow it begins.

Wish me luck.

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