Burwell v. Hobby Lobby US Supreme Court–Oppressing women

We see in this case decided by the the US Supreme Court the oppression of women for Capitalist reasons under the guise of Freedom of Religion.   The ilk like Justice Alito  and his right wing extremist comrades Thomas, Scalia, Kennedy and Roberts say they are advancing 1st Amendment rights but are in reality grinding women under the oppressive heel of Religious expression to advance those with the means of production over their  workers.

Remember these extremists who now believe Corporations are persons entitled to the same rights as people……once ruled that slaves WERE NOT PEOPLE, see the  Dred Scott decision 1857  Justice Taney writing for the 7 to 2 majority.  African Americans in 1857 had no rights, even less than animals do now.  The reasoning included the biblical mandates against Ham son of Noah that Ham would be the servient of his brothers…..blah blah blah blah blah

The guise of religious expression utilized to advance a capitalist agenda.

Religion poisons everything!