Burst of energy

I thank God for dexa…. I just had a pulse of 20mg dex since Thursday for 3 days and I have 60mg coursing through my veins right now and I am super-charged! What a burst of energy!! 
I can imagine many of my fellow MM-ers gasping in shock – hold it! wait a minute, are you mad – thank God for dexa! Nobody likes dex! 
Ok I admit, the down days and other horrid effects of dex, do not warrant thankfulness! I too had to beg my doc to stop dex after almost 9 months. But only for a short abstinence of 2 months, now I am back for another pulse. Nevertheless…

Why am I thankful – tonight I was out celebrating the birthday of a very dear friend! And because of the dex, I totally enjoyed the dinner celebration. I was alert, I could enjoy the food, I could talk, almost ceaselessly. It may seem all too surreal. But for those few hours, I was beyond happy. So why should I not be thankful! 

This dear friend of mine is a most wonderful and kind lady. I am so glad to dedicate “this burst of energy” to her! 
You may accrue this blog entry to the “hyped up” mental state caused by the dex!!!! Writing at 2.13am!!! 

“Give thanks in all circumstances” 1 Thessalonians 5:18