Bulging Bicep – confirmed?

Back in February I was at the the National Institute of Health / National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD for the Natural History Study of MGUS and SMM. While there, I had blood and urine tests, a bone marrow biopsy, as well as a skeletal survey. The skeletal survey showed a possible abnormality on my left humerus that the myeloma team believe could be a lytic lesion. I joked with them, “Are you sure it’s not my bulging bicep?” They concurred it was not. They wanted to investigate this abnormality further and I ended up having a CT scan of my humerus the next day.

In case you missed it…. I wrote about this experience here: Abnormal Skeletal Survey & Perfect Blood Work: NIH Day One and here: Bone Marrow Biopsy & CT Scan: NIH Day Two and here: Alliteration fan? Left (Humeral) Linear Lucent Lesion  and here: Little Line = Left Linear (Humeral) Lucent Lesion

The CT scan revealed a “lucent lesion” on my humerus. The doctors at NIH said that it was probably a natural variant or groove within the bone, however I should have it compared to my PET/CTs from 2009 and 2012 from Dana-Farber to be sure, and to watch the area over time. More watching and watiting…awesome. When I saw Dr. R in April, I gave him the discs of my skeletal survey from 2009 (done when I was first diagnosed from a general hem/onc) as well as from the NIH, and the CT scan so he could compare them to the scans I’d had in Boston.

Turns out…. according to Dr. R and the radiologist at DFCI who reviewed all the skeletal surveys, PET/CTs, and the CT scan, apart from my osteopenia, this questionable “lucent lesion” identified at the NIH is in fact the insertion of the deltoid and normal.

Well, well, well… whaaaaaaaat?

Blows my mind. Who is right here?

So, apparently, this abnormality WAS in fact due to my bulging bicep…er, bulging deltoid? ;) Sweet.