Budget Thursday And more zuchinni!

The bills are all in and done for the month except the water bill which we drop off at the water place. Not much left over but I’m still working on those 2 medical copays from my BMB. It’s a good chunk and I’ll be glad when it’s done. Also, we need to pay off the Seattle trip so that’ll take a little bit. I’ve added $100 to our annual bill savings so at least it’s something. Overall, it’s just keep going. If we’re going to make any headway towards retirement it’s got to be in the next few years so we need to be careful.

i returned a pair of Old Navy pants I bought on line since the cut was way weird. Then I found a pair of discounted jeans for $9.49, then they took 30% off that, so nice a pair of jeans for $7.00

I’m suppose to be not spending this week, but that’s hard to beat. Even goodwills prices aren’t that low.

then I researched freezing zucchini . Yes you can freeze it after its blanched. So I’m going to try that today , then cook it later this week to see how we like it. Plus you can shred the zucchini  and freeze that for breads etc. I’m going to try that too. So, with lots of zuchinni we will see how it works out.