Brief BabyBlue Bucket List Bug Blog update

Miss Baby Blue arrives a day earlier than expected!!!
Just after sunset on Sunday
all the way from sunny Florida!!
She sputters, spews smoke
sputters again, spews more smoke, stalls out
 and I’m just way tooooo excited to
even remember how to shift!
Whew! son Scott gets us home safely :)
And the next day…
Bucket List Baby Blue Bug and I 
meet and greet in the neighborhood!!!
18 and ANCIENT
all at the same time!!!

And perhaps Miss BabyBlue replica inadvertently has helped me solve the
“Why did I get Myeloma” riddle:
Driving a VW Bug as a young adult and Breathing in all those Exhaust fumes… contributed to my body’s immune system mutation!!!
Do you recall the connection between Myeloma and Petroleum?
I just did…
(Google it!)
Perhaps this wasn’t the best Bucket List idea after all?!
HA! Sorry Myeloma, you’re not going to spoil my fun!
Miss BabyBlue is going to the “Doctor” herself for some much needed “treatments and medications” ! Here’s our internal parallels:
New gas = new blood
New oil = cleansing chemo 
New parts = a stem cell transplant
Looking under the hood diagnosis = bone marrow biopsies and skeletal scans
Continued maintenance for her system = continued maintenance chemo for my system
Ahahahhaaa too funny!!!
 And speaking of FUNNY
here’s Jim trying to figure out 
how to take a picture on my new phone!
Did I mention the color of the cover Scott chose for me?
You guessed it!
Baby Blue!!!
Next blog =
October blood test results and
Treatment plan decisions
SINCERE THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED INTEREST IN MY MUSINGS AND MYELOMA STATUS.  I wish this blog had the “Like” button as Facebook does, so all of you would know how much I “like”, make that love, all your comments on each of my blog entries!!! Thank you so much for caring!!!