Bread making 101

Well, I’m back in the thick of it. I’m reading everything about the no knead bread and today I’m starting loaf # 4. I’m going to shorten the first rise and the second one as well. I’m guessing( after reading a lot) that the yeast has done its thing and there’s not enough oomph for it to do the final puff in the oven.  So today, I’m not using sour dough, just the 1/4 teaspoon yeast and will do the first rise for 12 hours or so. I’ll have to see as that  puts me at 7 pm. So I may need to do it tomorrow am. I may have to read up on leaving close to  24 hours. That seems like a long time.  But the second rise I’m definitely doing for just the hour not 2.  I also ordered a proofing basket to get the nice marks you see on bread like it whole Foods.  I’m having fun figuring it out.

My daughter and I had a great trip into the Sierras to Quincy. Very low key and just delightful. We stopped in Truckee on the way home for bagels at a place she had been wanting to try.They are very close to New York bagels.  We bought 1/2 dozen to bring home.

The refi is still in limbo with the subordination again. It was going to fund this week till they realized  they still didn’t have that info. So it’ll be another bit yet.  They’ve done a good job on this so far, so I hope it’s done so we don’t have to pay October’s payment. We are still over in the budget.  So we need a little catch-up. since I can’t work, my job is to figure out how to get our budget to work and still have money left over:)  That has yet to happen. But I’m hoping with the savings of $500 a month on the house payment does the trick.


Jim Lahey’s No Knead Bread