Bowling with Buddy the Cake Boss

What a cool night we had last night. After our first softball game(we lost but Olivia did GREAT the 2 innings she pitched and the head coach had NO idea she could pitch like that and said if
he had known, he would have put her in sooner and we would have won the game. I don’t know what posessed him to put 2 girls in before her who do not take lessons. One girl gave up 7 runs in one inning. We were winning prior to that. I also don’t know what posessed him to put 5 girls who cannot bat all together in the line-up. Hopefully this game was a learning experience for him as he never coached these 7th graders. He needs to pay more attention at practices to the girls he doesn’t know instead of favoring and goofing around with the ones he does). Anyhow, Olivia’s friend invited us to go to a bowling alley/sports bar, where her uncle owns the food concession,
and meet Buddy, the Cake Boss from the TLC show on TV. Liv loves watching that show
and this is the first time she ever met someone famous. We were so excited. They were filming
for a show that will air in a month or so and WE GOT PIX of Liv and her friend with BUDDY and
his sister, Grace. Buddy said hello to us several times, as did his sisters. We had a table right by a room they were using to change, eat, and “mic up.” Mauro even asked Tim where the bathroom was. What a nice family and even better looking in person. We left before the cake came out because it kept getting pushed later and later and we were tired. They were originally supposed
to show up by 5, then it was 7. We got there at 6 and they didn’t show up till almost 9. They all bowled
awhile and then started to film for the show. I am having a problem downloading pics onto my computer but hopefully I can figure it out and post some shots. What fun. I don’t know
how this family doesn’t kill each other all working together like that. I watch the show with Liv
and they do have their gripes to be sure but they seem to be really close and loving. I worked for my dad for almost 3 1/2 years and quit on him one day. He regretted losing me and knew he’d screwed up but he was a pain to work for and I’d had enough of his moods. It must be nice to come from a big, loving family and know they always have your back. I get along great with my
dad but working with him was a totally different thing. Anyway, it was a great time. Olivia
was so star struck. Buddy had his arm around her and Liv was just blown away.
He was very gracious to the kids. They all were. They posed for a lot of pics. A very memorable night indeed.