Boring Updates

Hi, everyone:

It seems my updates have become quite boring lately, and I hope they continue to grow increasingly boring for many years.  I had a little of the tingling across my stomach the other day and it made me realize that it doesn’t happen very often anymore.  It feels like when your foot goes to sleep.  My Neurologist thinks it’s from the crushed vertebra.  In recent weeks (months?), entire moments have passed without my being conscious of the poking feeling in my back.  On the way to church recently, I realized that I had not felt or thought anything about my back all morning.  I feel the best I have felt since the surgery and the radiation treatments.  I have even expelled a few unrestricted sneezes without pain!  I stop short of saying I feel good, but I feel pretty good, and that’s not bad.  I have two tests scheduled in early March.  If you remember me in your prayers, I thank you for that and I hope you will continue.

Diane and I

I found a support group for folks with Multiple Myeloma, it’s good.  I was talking with an old guy there whose cancer came out in his leg, it broke when he was walking across his living room.  He’s on medication now to make his bones strong.  He says its working, but the side effect is forgetfulness.  I asked how he knows it isn’t just normal age related forgetfulness.  He said he knows that because one day he drove home, parked the car and went into his house.  A couple of hours later he realized he forgot to turn the car off.

I do have something to introduce with this update.  At my son’s suggestion I have created a web blog.  You can go there and read updates, but the advantage over email is that there are pictures, links, videos, and more.  If you enter your email address, you will get a notification whenever something is added to the site.  You can leave comments, which is pretty much the same as replying to the email, except that everyone can see them.  Many of you replied to my email updates, thank you.  Here is the address of the blog:  I hope you will have a look, enjoy it, bookmark it, join it, and please forward it to anyone who might be interested.

Thank you,