Book review: ‘Still Here’by Lara Vapnyar

‘Still here’ by Lara Vapnyar is about 4 Russian friends who all immigrate to NYC to start new lives. I liked the characters in their own way but the story just didn’t really grab  me.

Vica is married to Sergey and have a troubled marriage. She’s a radiological tech and he’s in finance but can’t hold a job.  He ‘s trying to create this app ‘Virtual Grave’ so as to keep the digital stuff a person did in life ‘alive’. Really he wants to just make a lot of money, as creating apps do that if they’re in the market. The other  friends are Regina, and Vadi. Regina is married to a hugely successful man who happens to develop Apps. Vadik is a computer programmer who works there.

It weaves in and out of their lives and their issues.

I would call the book fair. It’s not very compelling and the plot is just the problems in their lives and how they deal with them.

If you like social media issues and the relationship issues, you’ll like this book.