Boo on You Myeloma! Party in the Chemo Lab

Happy Halloween!

Boo on you Monster Myeloma. Stop “haunting” me with your cellular “horrors”! Today, you’re not taking my fun away, when I’m all amped up on steroids! Thank goodness for crazy making steroids! Really! My life would be so much more “ghoulish”… challenging, painful, depressing and, well.. full of that “wicked” cancerous feeling, without my nemesis Dexamethasone!
Let the IV “fire burn, and the chemo cauldron bubble” in my veins. Your “blood curdling party” inside of me is done myeloma. Chemo’s going to put you in a dysfunctional trance. So get “spooked” myeloma. I hope you run like a “scaredy cat”, far far away from me, and that’s not “witchful thinking”! No more “tricks, only treats”, you hear me Great Pumpkin! Your “horror show” is done myeloma, I’ve put a “spell on you”… and you’re gonna be “melted marshmallows” in no time! :))

Me today on steroids!
Take that myeloma! I brought the “party” to the chemo lab- Actually, I always try to bring cheer and positivity!)
Volunteer extraordinaire Karen! Huge, caring heart! She does so much for all of us! Love her!
Best Nurse ever, Josie! She’s so funny, and so tolerant of my antics!  All my Nurses are Amazing!
Still practicing that selfie to little avail! Look at those triple chins lol

Did you notice, I broke my “posting on the 6’s theme”? Just couldn’t let Halloween pass by, as so many diagnosis anniversaries are looming now. 7 years ago blood tests were revealing “weird abnormalities” and my GP was closely watching my situation and sending me to the “vampire lab” for very REGULAR blood tests. To which I thought, eh, meh, ya, whatever… Thank goodness for a VERY vigilant, caring, professional, on-it Doc!

Hope you had a day full of Treats and no Tricks!

Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can!