Boo Hisssssss

Ha!  Be sure your readers will stalk you until you show your new haircut!

Here you are Lorna – a bit blurry and still grey ; )

(Lorna called me out for posting yesterday and then taking the blog straight back down before anyone got a chance to read my tales of woe or laugh at my hair.)

Here is how it went:  I tried a new hairdresser in the local town.  She was evil.  I am still recovering from the brush battering / ear-snipping / hair-pulling experience.  Luckily it was just a cut I asked for.  I cannot imagine what would have happened if colour had been involved.

There was some mis-communication.  I asked for an asymmetric bob (my mistake).  “Fit?” (translation:  “Pardon?”)  “Ye mean ye want it squint?”  Um, yes I suppose so, yes…  “But it isnae squint the noo!” (It is not asymmetric at the current time)  That’s why I want it cut…?  “Ye sure?” (Can you confirm your instructions?) Mmm hmm.  “Ye’re nae fae here are ye?” (You do not originate from this part of the world do you?)  Um… yes, actually…

In the end I just shut my eyes and hoped for the best.  The result is OK but I won’t be repeating the experience.  She made me feel like such a snob, and I’m not, honest!  I just… speak English.  OMG I hate living in this place sometimes.

AND it cost me more than my usual city stylist.  AND her scissors were blunt.  AND I was kept waiting half an hour with no apology / explanation / offer of a drink. AND she ostentatiously plonked a cashbox on the counter alongside the card machine to ensure I understood where to put the tip.  TIP?  ARE YOU INSANE?

So, yes, my last attempt at describing the weekend was an uphill struggle.

Squint, you might say.
Not unlike my attempts to find dry logs in the sleet, with the camera hanging from a tree.  But at least I got them indoors before the snow began in earnest.  We have about 6 inches on the ground now.
All weekend we had a fire that gave off more steam than smoke. Hisssssssss.

So I did what I always do in such circumstances.

I made a cake.  Apple Streusel cake, to be precise.

And I abandoned my battle with a paper pattern and settled down with a good book and my knitting.

Life is good again. The End.