If you want to analyse your wardrobe, take a look at your washing line.
Because whatever is out there is what you actually wear.

So this week, I can tell you I wore:

2 Camber dresses, over a Me & Em vest
My Seasalt denim dress, over a Brora long-sleeved tee (both ebay)
A Howies shirt (sale bargain)
2 Seasalt long-sleeved tees (one ancient)
Howies jeans (ancient)
Me-made knickers (5 pairs in advanced state of disrepair)
My Peggy Skirt and a Boden cardigan (neither washed this week)

So all this crap I talk about sewing my own wardrobe is largely bluster.
“Shopping?  Oh no, not me – I don’t buy clothes!” I trill to anyone who will listen.  Ugh.

No, I don’t buy clothes very often… but neither do I seem to wear the bulk of what I sew.
Which is why I have stopped sewing.
Because I fail to see the point of filling the wardrobe with cotton tops and dresses that I seldom wear.
Sewing is fun… but only if I enjoy and use the things I make!

At the same time I am truly bored of wearing the same few things week after week.
So it is probably only a matter of time before I crack and sew myself a pair of culottes, a couple of long swoopy skirts and a pile of new knickers.

See?!  There is life in the old dog yet!

And in FL’s favourite sweater!

So today I am knitting away on the border of my Kex blanket.
And drinking Hot Cross Bun tea.
Later on I am going to do some spinning on my Turkish spindle – yay!

I will continue reading Women in Clothes, which might help me get over myself.

I have certainly been feeling quite inspired reading the Craft Sessions blog and this post over on the Fringe Association blog, though you won’t catch me in a sleeveless top for at least another 4 months, even with a cardigan.  Brrr!

Let me end on an undeniably happy note:  my first Arne and Carlos sock is finished – woo hoo!
Love it!