Blood work check up

Another 12 hour day.  We left the house at 7am and got home minutes before 7pm.  We are exhausted!
Our day began with Tony extremely tired and weak.  We both walked into the clinic believing his hemoglobin was still low and expecting a third blood transfusion.  Blood was lost somewhere between delivery and it took 3 hours to get the results!  (usually takes 1 hour)  Tony went from wheelchair to a couch in the waiting room and used our cooler bag with treats as a pillow.  He fell asleep and didn’t realize the time passing.  When they finally got the results, they called us in and her first words were “your blood work is great.  No transfusion necessary”.  Of course, we didn’t believe her.  I asked for a printout and it said 112 for hemoglobin.  I don’t understand.  If my memory is right, I think it hasn’t been that high since February/March, I think.  Anyways, it’s good news!  He received his first Neupogin injection and off we went.  We had an hour or so to kill before his next appointment and visited his mom for a late lunch.  He was not hungry.  He was not cooperating with food or drinking today, but he did get more than I thought he would.  Probably to make his mom feel better, but I don’t care.  He ate a bit!  I can see him getting much skinnier by the day since Chemo began.  It’s normal.  It’s expected.  I don’t like this part.
At 3:30 we waited for his urology follow up appointment.  She was running behind.  The theme of the day. Wait – wait – wait – and, wait.
We learned that his nephrostomy tubes can stay in till April 2014.  At that point they would need to be replaced.
We learned that it’s ok to periodically have redness in his urine. (Whew)

Good news:
Over the weekend we both noticed that his tumor by the bikini line has shrunk 40% – 50% for sure.
Today, his stomach looks less swollen.
Are these buggers all shrinking?  Looks like.
Thursday, we are back at Princess Margaret for a follow up appointment.  I hope they measure the tumors again to see the difference.
AND, then one week today, they will be checking to see if his white blood cells, etc are good enough to harvest!  We are 7-14 days away from harvesting.  Cannot believe we are this close again.