Blood count up

I had my appointment on Wednesday and I was expecting to have to have a couple of units of blood on the Thursday; however even though my blood count last Friday was 8.2, it had now gone up to 9.3 which is good news. Dr Lee examined me and listened to my chest again and he said it sounded as though I had some fluid on my right lung, which is the side that I have been having the pain with. The last time I was examined they though I had pulled a muscle and since then one evening whilst lying in bed I felt a crunch which was painful on my right side of my chest as I lay on my left side. It felt as though a bone was clicking back in place or muscle was pushing it’s way out of my ribs. Either way it felt a lot better afterwards although still aching slightly.

So it did come as a bit of surprise when Dr Lee said it was a bit of a fluid sound. So he ordered me an X-Ray probably the quickest X-Ray I had ever had. I walked into the X-Room and plonked myself in front of the screen (done many times before) deep breath in, all done and out. I was there for a about 30 seconds I think! The results sent via computer to Dr Lee which he reviewed once he returned from having something to eat. He apologised for keeping me waiting, but I wasn’t too bothered as I was having my Pentamidine later on anyway.

The X-Ray showed something a bit abnormal from the last one I had. I was shown two X-Rays one from beginning of March and this new one. For some reason my right lung has adjust and raised a few inches higher than my left. He couldn’t give me a definitive answer as to why this has happened but and put it down to the fact that I must have damaged the muscles whilst I had the flue. They sent an electronic copy over to Liverpool so that they have a record as well, maybe they can shed some light on it.

I was hoping it would be a quick visit Chester, but I’d forgotten about the Pentamidine although that wasn’t really due until the Thursday and as they could get it ready for the Wednesday it made sense to get it all done on one day. So after arriving at 11am I was out of the hospital by about 3:30pm so it wasn’t really that bad compared to some of the other long days.

I have to last till Friday without needing blood and it will interesting to see how I have done lasting over three weeks without a top up. This is now my week off the Lenalidomide (Revlimid) after cycle three and start cycle four next Saturday. I’m hoping my bloods are finally setting down and platelets don’t get too low.

My Life with Myeloma Sean Tiernan