Blogging is good for the soul

I am really enjoying doing this blog!  My friend who’s in a creative writing group thinks it’s a great idea, if only for the sake of writing itself.  I always thought I’d have to be really witty and funny to be able to blog.  My Mom thinks I’m a good writer and has always encouraged me to write, but I’ve always felt unless I could come off like Iris Murdoch or Margaret Drabble, what’s the point?

The thing that’s so great about this is it’s a good stress reliever.  I feel like I’m not going through it all alone now.  Even if nobody reads it, it’s an outlet for my feelings about what’s going on.  And perhaps it will encourage others to work on their health more NOW, before something like this happens, and not take these precious bodies for granted.

Now if I can just get up the courage to invite people to view it.  So far I’ve only shown it to three people (with glowing reviews from all), so maybe should just take the plunge and make it more public.