Blanket Disco Knitting

Still here.
Still knitting.
I have burrowed a little deeper under the blankets these last few weeks.
But I am coming back out now, I promise.

What can I tell you?

Kvosin Hat and reading material

I am reading our Trace’s autobiography Bedsit Disco Queen:  How I grew up and tried to be a pop star.  “Our Trace”?  Well, I was in the year below her at Hull University in the same department.  When she got her First I decided that I ought to do that too, because I had no excuse to do any less – you know, not being a pop star at the same time or anything.  I also lacked her image / street cred / general awesomeness.  But I was there.  Something to tell the children!
I remember the time… yeah.  It sent me on a nostalgia trip, of course.  Quite sobering to google my peers.  Some big lives have been lived out there.  Several books written.  I haven’t found any knitters among them yet, but I bet I’ll track one down.  Or maybe that’s MY thing!  Hands off my claim to fame!
  ; )

Skein Queen club yarn

I also have a copy of The Night Circus, ready to read while knitting up my latest (January) Skein Queen club yarn (colour inspired by the book).  Lovely, lovely Merino Cashmere Nylon sockweight in the “Man in a grey suit” colourway.  I am thinking of knitting the Betula Sock pattern by Rachel Coopey from Knit Now Issue 7.  I need a new portable project, so I should cast this on before our trip to the hospital next Tuesday.

Meantime, I have been knitting away on my Kvosin hat (top picture) and gathering yarn for the Kex Blanket – both Westy’s Besties patterns from the current knitalong.

Wool for my Kex Blanket

And… confession time… I dug out my Portti Sukat socks.  I was really shocked to realise that I cast these on in January 2012. That was over a year ago!  I have popped this project into my work bag and am managing to work a few rows every day at lunchtime.  I have become quite brazen about protecting my lunchbreak.  And why not?  I don’t get paid to eat my lunch so I might as well knit at the same time.  Once I got going again, I couldn’t remember why I fell out of love with this project.  And I am over half-way through!  A new pair of socks is on the horizon!

Sewing?  Don’t make me laugh!  I have cut out a dress but take fright every time I think I might start stitching it together.  Maybe this weekend: I have no other plans.  Just the blanket.

Mmmm… blankettttttttttttt!