Birthdays and Blood tests

April… you flew by! 
It’s May 1st already and I didn’t do an April blog!!
So here’s my April update in May:

I had my every 2 month Myeloma status check on Alissa’s birthday! (brought me good luck!)

Blood tests are semi-normal, but I can never seem to jump into the full NORMAL range on my “Whites” and a few other levels…
C’mon immune system, let’s get with it please!

My oncologist noted I have a “band of restricted mobility of IgA Lambda… but nothing to worry about… yet…
IgG still low
IgM still low
IgA bumped into the normal range last blood tests prior to this month’s tests… and now IgA is edging closer to the high end of normal… not a concern yet… but taking note, as I have IgA Myeloma.
This level jumped 200 points in 2 months…

When I was first diagnosed, my IgA was something like 5600 !!!
So when this number spikes past the “normal” range to a concerning level…
It’s Chemo time again…
But that’s then, and hopefully a very future then … so let’s get back to NOW!

Happy Birthday to our Amazing Alissa
 Enjoying a Mom Daughter zoo date for her 25th!
Back in the day, our lil cutie!
 with 2 of her best friends, Tripod and Panther
My lil PonyPal then and forever!
with sweet Mickey, who had been so abused
in his life prior to us “rescuing” him
and now… she’s all grown up… (well sort of!)
with our rescue doggie fan club

And here she is
College Sorority Girl

 Voted for Fraternity “Sweetheart” !!
But always our #1 sweetheart of a daughter!

So far Alissa is cancerless!!!
3 of the 4 of us
have been diagnosed with 3 different cancers, all unrelated!
But cancer doesn’t stand a chance with her…. ever ever!!!
Loooooove you forever and ever daughtery :) 

Cheers to May!
Jim’s our May baby and an almost 14 year cancer survivor!
Wow! Go Jim!
Had it not been for aggressive prostate biopsies leading to aggressive prostate surgery in mid 1999…
chances are… Papa Jim would not still be here…
Happy long time survivor’s birthday to Jim!!

Jim’s fan club, best friends and ranch assistants!
And here we are, 2 cancer survivors, 
having a bit of fun in the sun
Looking forward to an infinite amount of fun family times!
Cheers to life
Cheers to fun
Cheers to health
Cheers to cancer not standing a chance with us!