Birthday bloggin’

We’re up in NH for my birthday. Not as good a trip as we’ve had in the past. Thought I’d compromise and book a house near the beach, ’cause even though we’d done our Jersey shore thing, Tim can’t get
enough of the beach. BIG mistake. NH has 18 miles of coastline. I grabbed a house right near the most popular beach resort. This place is MOBBED and we can’t get parking anywhere. Luckily, we can walk to some stuff from the house. But, there are TOO MANY PEOPLE here. Here’s another thing, I rented a pretty nice place, as rentals go. All renovated.Very clean.
Half of a duplex. We get here last Sat, and there is NO  A/C. Now, being a Jersey girl, we don’t even
think to ask, ’cause we attribute the “NO A/C” thing to only 3rd world countries and maybe Santa’s house. Are ya kidding me here? Looking around, most of the homes do not have any a/c. Now, we do
have ocean breezes, and it generally cools a bit at night, but it has been a rough few nights and I am hot flashing away, to boot. No ceiling fans in the bedrooms, just the living room and dining room.
NOT fun! And we brought the pooch, so it’s not like we can even bail and go to a hotel. JEEZ! Oh well, they can’t all be great vacations. This year, it seems to be the pattern. I don’t have a clue what to do today for my birthday. I WANT to go buy a sports car, but I am resisting the urge. I’ve felt a need,
lately, to get back to the ME I used to be, not this old, boring, overwhelmed woman I’ve become. Tim got me(read I got myself but he was there)this laptop for my birthday so no more being out of the loop when I’m away.Not sure if that’s a good thing but since there’s not much to do and I am up at 4 or 5 am, while everyone else around here sleeps forevah, it’s passing the time. So that’s the news from
Hampton Beach, NH. Well, time to find something to do. I’m so tired from 4 months of insomnia, I could just lay around and sleep!