Birds Galore, Deer, Raccoon and the Beach- Fun Pictures

I’m happy to report that Dom is in great health…. looks and feels good!

We noticed alot of raccoon and birds eating our deer corn, so we picked up a bag of wild bird seed.

Within days, we were inundated with birds that we’ve never seen here before…luckily, I have an Audubon Society Field Guide for North American Birds.  I was able to identify Red Bellied Woodpeckers, Orchard Orioles, and my new favorites, a family of gorgeous Indigo Buntings…. These pictures don’t show how brilliantly blue these little guys are:

Meanwhile, Rocky Raccoon and his buddy stop by every night for a snack:

Dom bought a 2nd Game Camera and set it up down by our pond.  Our 2 girls quickly found their new feeding spot, although still come up to the house on a regular basis:

I went to the condo last week.  The water was amazing.  Cold, but too beautiful to stay out of!  I recently changed my Facebook location to Panama City Beach, as I’ll be spending more time there this Spring and Summer, than I do here at home!