Birdie’s pain.

Today Birdie wrote about her empty nest syndrome. She isn’t alone, I too feel her pain. A few weeks ago I invited my youngest to come round for pizza. We finally agreed on 29th March as between us we had various clashes in our diaries (well I had one, she just wasn’t available.) Yesterday I woke up full of excitement that I would get to see her for the first time since she collected her birthday card on Jan 7th. Anticipation that I might get to see and hold my little granddaughter. At noon I sent her a text confirming she was still coming and to check what pizza her and her boyfriend wanted. She didn’t reply, finally after sending a message to his phone at 3 o’clock she got in touch, she had forgotten. She couldn’t make now it as it was too late, she’d got to bath her daughter soon. She will message me at some point when she can find time for me. 

I miss them all so much. Five babies all gone, five meals I no longer cook, millions of cakes that never get eaten, cast aside for their independent lives. May be next time my youngest wants money I’ll tell her I’m too busy. 

Why do all the other moms on FB have perfect children who visit every weekend and bring them presents?