Biopsy Results

Sorry for the late blog.
Yesterday, I do believe, was “my” most “burnt out” day since this roller coaster ride began.
Wednesday, April 24th.
I took my son’s truck in for repairs, drove him to work, worked at our family business, went to my other job and rushed back home to take Tony to his urology appointment for 3pm.  WHEW!  at this point, my body and mind was done!
Dr. S called us in. On the walk to her examining room, she asked Tony if a student could join us during the appointment.  (Keep in mind he had to drop his drawers) He hesitated.  Thought a bit and asked “male or female”.  She said, “female. She’s young and beautiful”.  Our eyes meet and he sheepishly says, “O.K.”
She picks up on his hesitation and pressure to succumb to educating the young.  Doctor says the student could join the consult and ask her to leave for the physical exam…….again, sheepishly he says, “no, it’s O.K.”
So, in comes this adorable, young, perky student.  Cannot describe the feelings in that room.
Doctor S and the student were great.  Recognizing the tension, embarrassment and humour in the situation.
So there was my husband on the examining bed all exposed while the student, Dr. S. and myself stood over him checking things out.  (I’m smiling as I type this) Poor Tony.  That seems to be the phrase this week, “poor Tony”.

Confirmed that it was plasmacytoma.
Confirmed that there was more in the “cord”.  We found out that the cord is the spermatic cord.  She removed as much as she could reach.  There’s more.  This cord goes up and around the bladder.  She is not sure where this tumor began meaning how much more is inside him. Did it start in the testicle or did it start somewhere else and ended in the testicle.  She’s a urologist, not oncologist.
The medical team is having their meeting again Friday.  Dr. S. will be in this meeting with our oncologists and other specialists.  Tony is on the list for discussion at 7:30am.
They will be discussing the following:
Do we continue with regular chemo?  Do we do radiation?  Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) may want to continue with his treatment.  Will they do a full body MRI to see where this “more” is, if there is?  May need to consult with PMH before doing further treatment.  How does this effect the Stem Cell Transplant?  Should they drain the blood in his wound?  Draining means opening him up again in the Operating Room.
Fortunately, our regular chemo appointment is tomorrow after this meeting so we should have more answers in the morning.

Well, Dr. S found the wound the same, maybe a wee bit better than on last Monday.  It is still swollen near the wound and the testicle they removed.  There are no signs of infection as the stitches look great and no more low grade fevers.  His body should absorb the blood over the next several weeks, if not months.  Takes time.

One cannot help but find the humour in this situation.  You have to.  Tony has been behaving, resting at home.  He goes from bed to couch to bathroom breaks.  Today, I am grateful that this swelling is not more myeloma related.  This complication too, will pass soon enough.  We need to remain positive and thank God each day of life He has given us.  Enjoy your family and dear friends, every day.