Biopsy Day

I just came home from another bone marrow biopsy, my second so far. Luckily (if that can be said in such a situation), mine was taken through the sternum and not the pelvis. It was more uncomfortable than painful, but the affected site is pretty sore. My doctor mentioned the magic percentage used to determine if you have MM has lowered from 15% to 10%. Two years ago, I was at 15%. In two weeks I’ll know more, but my doctor thinks I may just need continued monitoring with bimonthly blood tests. Oh, by the way, that is not me in the photo, and I did not even flinch this time. The aspiration part of the procedure, while unpleasant, was quite tolerable.

It’s amazing how one’s perspective can change after being diagnosed with MM. I know I can stress easily, but this time around, wandering thoughts on the days leading to the biopsy (and all of the questions about future steps that come with it) did not bother me very much. I tend to enjoy each day and have not been thinking too far ahead, apart from a summer trip to NYC with my wife. Hopefully I can postpone or tolerate treatment enough to still go, since we’ve already booked our flights. Proof that I have not lost my optimism. I’ve even renewed my subscription to MacLife for another 2 years.

To close this post, my thoughts are with the thousands of people who are suffering in Japan. My cancer is nothing compared to what they are going through.