BIG DAY – Three hospitals – Five Appts

8:00 am at Humber River
Our visit with Dr. K, oncologist was good and bad, I guess.  She has decided to go ahead with Chemo.
Bad news, all three doctors, (urologist, Dr. K at Humber and Dr. C at Princess Margaret are ALL scratching their heads and throwing out a possibility that he has a plasma cytoma.  (myeloma ball-tumour) which happens in 2% of men with multiple myeloma.  She recommends a biopsy to be sure.  She has never done one in this area.  Tony is her first testicular biopsy.  THERE!  I said it.  I have Tony’s permission to use it.  We needed to be at TG (Toronto General) for 11am.  The staff at Humber River was incredible on getting us out of there.  We did chemo and picked up prescriptions all in two hours.  What a record.   Mind you the blood work was done the day before.  Those results came in good.

11:00am at TGH (Toronto General Hospital).
This appointment was in the nuclear cardiology department.  They performed a test to ensure his heart can tolerate the bone marrow transplant.  A dye was used to track heart function and blood flow.  All ok.

12:00pm  Nice quick lunch at Swiss Chalet with Tony’s sister.

1:30pm at PMH (Princess Margaret Hospital)
This appointment was with Andrew, the transplant co-coordinator.  Tony was on day one of steroids.  Andrew did not like Tony interrupting his speech on what to expect in the next few days.  I warned him…LOL
After 10 minutes, we clued in that he was not aware of Tony’s situation with the myeloma ball.  So, we interrupted again and started with “this is important”.  LOL  He didn’t know.  Dr. C didn’t inform him.  She was away at a conference and he left the room to see if he could contact her.  Upon his return, we are informed that the harvesting, high dose chemo and transplant is all on hold till results of biopsy.  Should the biopsy prove to be a myeloma ball, radiation will be used to treat it :(  In the meantime, the regular chemo will continue.  Will not harm this myeloma ball.  His advice was to let the urologist do the biopsy as she would have more experience in this rather than the oncologist.  The next appointment with her isn’t for another 2 weeks.  We are trying to push that closer.  Andrew recommends we continue with the next appointments as they are scheduled and need to be done anyways.
We have a family wedding coming up soon and we don’t know if it’s a good idea to have Tony go.  Andrew recommends not attending as there will be lots of hand shaking and hugging and kissing.  We’re Italian!  Andrew feels that we should err on the safe side as Tony cannot have another complication before transplant. :(  I think we need to take this advice.  They know better.

2:00pm at PMH Dentistry
Interesting appointment.  He basically did x-rays and checked for cavities and future possible complications. The monthly 2 hour drips that he receives (Pamidronate)apparently interferes with tooth removals.   Must only be done at PMH if he ever needs one.  This drug lasts 12 years!  WOW!  Regular dentist can do cleanings, cavities and root canals only.  All ok at the dentist for now.

3:00pm at TGH
Appointment was with pulmonary & respiratory function.  Same thing, just testing his lungs to see if he is well enough for transplant.  All ok.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, BUT TODAY, I’m not feeling it.