‘Big Bad Breakfast’

9781607747369.jpegThis book is terrific with great recipes. John Currence is a no holds kinda guy and each recipe has a story to go with it. It’s lots of fun to read and as I said the recipes are great. His southern style cooking is  nothing short of amazing.

It is laid out really well too, starting with ‘the welcome basket’.



.There’s some great egg recipes, omelets and frittatas.  A complete chapter on waffles and pancakes.  I also like the sandwich chapter and I want to try the spicy pimento cheese and ham sandwich.

You probably wouldn’t want to eat like this every day, but brunches or breakfast for dinner would be fun too.

I can only imagine how wonderful going to his restaurant would be.

This book is a real winner.There’s some great egg recipes,

I was given this book to review by bloggingfor books in exchange for my opinion.


I can’t wait to try the black pepper buttermilk biscuits. Yummm