Best Company Ever? Veteran Beer Co. exists to employ vets, provide quality beer

Could the Veteran Beer Co. be the best company ever? The microbrewer, started by Navy pilot Paul Jenkins, exists to provide jobs for disabled veterans and provide customers with quality beer.
The company opened in Chicago on Veterans Day and has now made inroads into northwest Indiana, The Times of Northwest Indiana reported. The company’s beers include the Veteran and the Blonde Bomber, and an IPA and black ale are in the works.

“These guys have a very special mission. When we met with Paul and his team it was obvious they had the passion and the heart and a very clear mission to help veterans and that made it really special and unique and very interesting to us,” Bob Jacobs, Indiana Beverage vice president of sales and marketing, told the Indiana paper.

“I can’t thank Paul enough for letting me be a part of this company,” said John Herman, who served three tours in Iraq and now is employed as the microbrewer’s regional brand ambassador. “It’s given me a mission again. It’s given me something to really be proud of.”

Recently, Veteran Beer Co. secured the business of a local Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee, Brandon Jones, who owns 30 of the restaurants.
“I heard of the story of the brand and I called Indiana Beverage right away and before they even had distributing rights,” Mr. Jones told Indiana newspaper. “I said, ‘what’s the story on this brand? I want it.’”
“[Veteran Beer Co. has] been amazingly well-received,” Mr. Jacobs said.

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