Before you go.

We’ve all “lost” someone. I’ve never really understood why we say lost, it’s not as if we wandered off and left them in a shop or dropped them down the side of the sofa. But I digress. As we all know the only sure thing in life is that we’re all going to die.

Now we all hate the morbid subject of D.E.A.T.H. but as Terry Pratchett has told us, he’s only doing his job. The tricky thing is telling those you love that you do love them, without constantly saying “just in case I don’t see you alive again…..” So most of the time we don’t tell people how we feel. Oh it’s easy to make sure we tell our family that we see every day, but what about family and friends we see less frequently? Trickier. I could fill facebook every day with posts on all my friends’ walls, but they’d soon unfriend me for spamming them. The problem is that most of the time we just don’t know when that bus will coming crashing into us. Even when like Mike, you’ve been told there’s a bus just around the corner, there is still no accurate timetable that we can refer to.

Now most of you read Paula’s blog and her bus seems to be revving it’s engine! It’s certainly not fair that such a wonderful, caring, funny, talented and loving person should even have cancer so it’s a downright disgrace to think we might “lose” her. So before she goes I just want to say, “We love you Paula.”