Been very busy

I’ve been very busy and haven’t had a chance to myself at all these past 7 days.
I am at the office, on a Sunday, at 7:30pm.  YUP

Tony’s follow up appointment last Thursday went well.  We had to depend on a friend to drive him downtown.  His hemoglobin was at 98.  He was reminded again about how close he was to being removed from the stem cell transplant list.  Miracles do happen.  We need to believe.  Compared to where he was back in August to today, yes, he is a miracle.
He has lost a lot of weight.  He is down about 45 pounds now from being diagnosed.  His appetite is still challenging.  We are short staffed at work, so I haven’t been home much, therefore, no one is there to push him to eat or drink.  He says he drinks and barely eats……
His next follow up appointment is in 30 days.  At that time, or around that time, they will be doing a full body CT scan to record a base towards future scans.
He is beginning his next routine…..back on the Revlimed.  I believe 10mg.  We shall see how that contributes towards his neuropathy (numbness)  He still has it on one leg (right side) and both feet around the toes.