Bed Head

I was a bachelor when I bought my bed. I’d been sleeping on a folding couch for five years and it had gotten incredibly old. So when I got an income tax refund I trotted right out to shop for furniture. I wanted a hardwood and solid construction and selected a nice maple set. I picked out a mattress for it after trying a few demos in the showroom. Sad that I wasn’t also in the market for a dining room or family room set, they still delivered the new bed to me that very afternoon. Not only that, but the delivery guys also set the bed up for me and placed it where I wanted it in the room. I got a good value for my money, which to me was an amazing sum to spend on a bed. I spent a thousand bucks for the set, and to a guy who never spent more than $25 on a bed, the grand was astronomical. On the very first night I realized that the mattress I had selected felt a lot softer in the showroom than it did in the home. I was sleeping onj concrete and this was the medium. It took the fattest memory foam pad I could find to make the bed tolerable, and actually transformed the bed into a very comfortable place to sleep, albeit a bit tall as beds go.

I have slept on a whole different series of beds in the course of the last few years. In my own home I used an air bed, a mattress and foam combo and a futon with foam. In the medical facilities and lodging I visited in the course of treatment, I slept on all sorts of beds from gel filled to air filled, heated and often articulating, I got to try out a lot of the different kinds of beds, including some you see advertised on television. I discovered that every air filled bed I slept on had a similar sound as you moved on them, some of them even making pneumatic hissing sounds at times. I have learned that if a bed can be adjusted so one side is more firm than the other, in the morning, both sleepers are on the soft side. I have learned that while the mattress might not telegraph the movements of one sleeper to another, the sheets and blankets do, making what the mattress does or doesn’t do irrelevant.

One of my lousy beds was a waterbed for which I had no heater. I never seemed to find the time or remember to pick one up for nearly a year until our cat put more pinholes than I can understand into the mattress.  I’m still perplexed by the sheer volume of pinholes the furry little cretin inflicted. That led to a more normal bed, acquired as a family hand me down, and possessed of a profile not unlike a swaybacked mare.

I have come to the conclusion that, at least for me, that memory foam is the way to comfortable somnolence. I like the full sized pads of a single 5 inch thick layer. It’s like sleeping on a cloud. Give me sheets of at least 400 thread count and a down comforter and I’m in sandman heaven.  I still get awakened by pains and so don’t get to sleep more than 5 hours at a time at most. I can’t help but think though, that my bed accounts for a lot of the sleep I get. Shaping itself to my contours as it does, it doesn’t cause the bed to exert uncomfortable pressures on me in different places –like the hip, for instance. My hips are one of the places bone deterioration has taken the greatest toll on, so the lenience of memory foam is appreciated as my weight is distributed evenly as I lay.

There are people who have told me they hate memory foam. The said that for them it was uncomfortable and restraining, or said it was too soft and a little suffocating. I guess that it’s another case of different strokes for different folks. Then too, an air mattress has felt pretty good under me after a few nights on the hard ground, so I guess tastes change over time and situation. But right about now, I’m a card carrying foam lover.