Becoming a proficient roller coaster rider

Well it has been over 24 hours since we decided to change the coarse concerning my transplant. I am becoming a more proficient rider of this emotional roller coaster. To bale out and get off is not an option. You see life is just that, an emotional roller coaster. One can become a proficient rider and deal with the dips, curves and high climbs or you can bale out. Even though I don’t care for roller coasters, I do like living. I do know what the alternative maybe when you choose to bale out and not deal with the dips,curves and high climbs. Yes it is frustrating sometime. Tiring a whole lot of times but I ain’t giving up. So today as my dear friend Kadian said, “You have to come out of the house now!” Even though it was cold, she was right, I needed to pick myself up and climb aboard that roller coaster once again and ride like I know what I am doing. Let wind blow through my air, raise my arms high into the air as I plunge down the high climbs of the ride. Laugh and say this too shall pass and hopefully I won’t loose my lunch! So back to treating this despicable disease hopefully just one more time so I can precede to transplant. Yes it is tiring, unpleasant, and challenging to say the least but what is the alternative? Coach Jimmy V said to never, never give up! He was so right. I choose life and will continue fighting! God is able so shall I remain faithful. Bring it on!