Beautiful warm Veterans Day

It is forecast to be a beautiful warm day in Central Tennessee with high temps in the 70’s and a clear blue sky.  It contrasts greatly with that rainy, overcast day in June 1944 when my Uncle Porter Franklin Farmer was riding the landing craft toward the beaches of Northern France.  The movie Saving Private Ryan got the weather correct.  It was a day my uncle never forgot until he died in 1983.   My uncle was a medic carrying for wounded soldiers and there were a lot  of wounded June 6, 1944.

     He never said much about the war, just a few things to my Aunt.   I never had the luck to meet the man who spent the last 33 or so years in the VA hospital in Roanoke Virginia.  Shell shock is what they called it in 1950, now referred to as PTSD.   Shell shock is a better way to describe, the constant imminent fear of impending death at any moment!  Besides the Battle for the beaches in Northern France, he was at the Ardienne Forest,  aka Battle of the Bulge!  In which the medics , like my uncle were so very needed they were injected with amphetamines to stay awake and care for the wounded for 2 plus weeks and better be able to carry what remained of troops twice my uncle’s size away from the fighting back to relative safety to perhaps die in less pain.    I wonder how many comrades of my uncle owed their lives to him for the critical life saving help he gave them.

So today, please stop for a while and thank about all the  Combat veterans especially guys like my uncle!