Beautiful Lake Tahoe

imageIt is amazing here. We’re at our favorite place,Lakeland Village.  B is heading off to do a reset today and tomorrow , so this is a work trip and pays for the room. Usually we go out to eat too (work pays his, but last night we just ate some mac and cheese. Tonight make go out, but the snow is soon to arrive.

After my difficult bout with nausea from he Velcade on monday I wasn’t sure I could go as I was curled up in a ball all day. But I had the doctor call in Zofran. My shot yesterday went smooth and easy. I think it’ll work out well. Not sure if the nausea will continue. But you just have to stay ahead of it. Mostly, I’m willing to put up with it if I get a good response. We’ll know sometime after christmas….

Tomorrow theres still snow so we will leave a little later. the weather here in South Lake Tahoe can be totally different than going over the summit. the summit is 7000 feet or so lake level 6000, so different patterns.

Oh,  my labs came back great. My neutrophil count was over 4500 and my platelets at 246 thousand/ul. On Pomalyst ,remember my neutrophils would tank so, hopefully Velcade,at least after the first shot has not done this. But Velcade affects platelets so thats the one to watch. I was great on that at least this week. I have to say i was quite taken back by the nausea, and said to my self…gee I remember chemo nausea , so that was a reminder that 10 years going on 11 i’m still a cancer patient.:(