Beautiful Day

When I read my national newspaper on Friday, my eyes feel on a pagebig article on de the cd of  Wieb Zigtema. Pleasantly surprised, because Wieb and me we played in several band in the en of the seventies. Wieb lives in my village, so we meet on occasion in the supermarket and then we talk, that’s how these things go. I decided to give him a call to tell him about the nice article ask if I could buy his CD. In the meantime I became very curious about his music. Wieb said: “I’ll drop by on my bike and it’s sooner than you can think of.”

To my surprise I found myself in my garden less then 24 hours later having drinks and with a CD in my hands. So nice to talk about things from the present and the past, a golden day.The CD is really beautiful, it’s filled wonderful, small songs. Tasteful arranged, nice lyrics a very nice product. That night, because of my Dexa I was able to take it in completeley. You can listen to some of the songs on his website. You can also find it in Spotify and iTunes or My favorites: Neat, Priceless en Wonderful Road. But for peanuts you can have the whole album and then you have a genuine piece of  Broek op Langedijk popmusic.

The Willows Weep

Later that afternoon I made my first boat-trip of year. It was a beautiful day.