Beating the odds

Wow, I love all of the comments I’ve been getting. It’s been great finding out who is reading my blog. Keep them coming!

I wish this post had matched up with my 1,000th post, but I missed it by just one day. Today is my seven-year cancer-versary. I know that statistics on the Internet mean nothing, but I still think about them all the time. I feel happy when they’re in my favor and terrified when they’re not. All of you myeloma folks know what I mean. When I was diagnosed, the average life expectancy for myeloma patients was three years. When I hit my three-year anniversary, I was all, “Woo! I’ve beaten the odds!” Shortly after that, “they” raised the average life expectancy to seven years. (“They” refers to the people who write the scientific-y articles on the Internet that get us all riled up.) OK, fine. Of course, this was excellent news, but now I was back to being average instead of odds-beating. I’d just have to hang on for four more years before I could beat the odds again. I was getting ready to celebrate beating the odds again today, but I did some Googling and found that “they” have now raised it to eight years.

Really, scientific people? Right at my seven-year anniversary, you raise it to eight years? This is just like the book Catch-22, where they (a different “they”) keep raising the number of missions a pilot needs to fly before he can get out of the military. At this rate, I am never going to beat the odds. I will have this disease for 70 years, and then they’ll raise the life expectancy to 71 years. I’ll die at age 100 when I get run over by a church van, and everyone will be all, “Oh, too bad she never managed to beat the odds.” I can just feel it.