BBC Operation Hospital Food with James Martin

I’ve just been watching Operation Hospital Food with James Martin. James is trying to help the hospital into improving the food that they patients and the staff eat as well as make it a more profitable business.

It was good to get an incite into the type of things that go on and the more people that are aware of the issues which hopefully increase the chances of it improving.

As usual though it seems there is a lot of talking and no proper communication going on and trying to get people to agree to do things is the usual sticking point. I like the way James has looked at the long term issues and involved local supplies and dieticians as well as people on the board, to try and get them to actually meet the front line staff in the kitchen and to get something sorted.

Becky (Reidy) text me about the program as well, so I know that it is something that we patients are interested in and if anything I would have liked more patients to have been involved, not just a person representing them. Someone who has been in and out of hospitals that could justify if the menu needed changing each week or every twenty one days, based upon experience of long term hospital care.

I could see James’ frustration when they were only given £5,000 pounds as an improvement budget and felt his frustration when the CEO of Scarborough NHS Trust announced it as if it was millions of pounds they were investing in it. What can you do with £5,000 pounds, as James’ said a few new spoon and ladles?

The clip from tomorrows programme shows James buying the kitchen a new steamer, which is again frustrating to see that people like James have to invest there own money in a hospital TV programme to improve the NHS for us, when if people just sit down and talk to each and work things through logically they will see that spending money now, investing in good quality food and products and more importantly people, will save money in the long term. Rather than trying to do as much as possible with as little as possible until everything falls to bits and they all start blaming everyone else as to why it went wrong.

Operation Hospital is available on BBC iPlayer and the next one is on tomorrow at 9:15am BBC1

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