Battle of the Ardienne Forest December 1944

We should all remember, as I am now, that 70 yrs ago, in what was known as the Battle of the Bulge.
General George Patton’s army, which included my father and my Uncle were coming to the aid of the
101st Airborne who were surrounded by the Nazi’s.   My Uncle, Porter Franklin Farmer, was a medic and had the worst of it.  He told my Aunt that the anesthetic ampules froze solid and he had to thaw them out in his underwear near his body so he could give the wounded men relief from their battle wounds.   He also said their rations froze and they lived on cold frozen food for days!!!!
My father, said nothing, meaning either he had nothing to say or chose not to remember what must have been horrible to recall.  Largely dad never talked about the war at all.

So, today I am remembering these fine young men who than were in their 20’s in 1944.  Both have died
and no longer can tell us about those days 70 years ago.