Back to Hospital Emerg

Lots has happened and I just haven’t had a chance to blog.  Sorry followers.  These past few days have been full of ups and downs of stuff.   Stuff.   Emotions, health conditions, work, doctor meetings, protocols and more.
So it all started on Sunday when Tony was not passing urine in normal quantity and frequency.  This donkey of a husband of mine was convincing himself and me that it’s ok because he wasn’t drinking enough.  He passed very little on Sunday throughout the day.  Between 5pm Sunday and 5am Monday he didn’t go once.  On Monday morning he was speaking with a sticky tongue.  I think we’ve all had that feeling in our lifetime.  He was constantly sweating from the shoulders up.  I did call telehealth in the middle of the night.  Again, the donkey went against their wishes which were to go to hospital.
Finally, at 11am we left for the drive to Emergency.
At triage, after assessing him, he went from chair to bed in Intensive Care.  Holy cow!  A catheter was inserted and 600ml came out immediately.  (this is a first, experience wise, for Tony)  Poor Tony :(
Again, no fever.  Gosh this seems like days and days ago.  I’m trying to remember the events.
His oncologist came to visit him and she gave the doctor in emergency the Readers Digest version of what we’ve been going through and what he needs to order.  They put an IV drip in him and antibiotics.  They took blood and urine samples away for testing.
My concern was that they were doing exactly the same thing as last week to him with regards to tests.  But, they consider this a new patient and they have to follow protocol and rule out starting back to square one.  I get that now with a clear brain, but not at the time.  My anxiety levels were getting extremely high.  I called Princess Margaret Hospital for support with someone that I know.  He was wonderful.  Reassuring me that a plan is in motion and will be initiated once biopsy comes in to confirm their suspicions.  He also said that after the first chemo, he still plans on harvesting Tony’s stem cells….in about 3 weeks.  So that means after all this, he isn’t disqualified. WHEW!  I’m thinking he needs to be at Princess Margaret and monitored more closely.  Everyone says, he is a special case….never seen this happen before with multiple myeloma.
In the meantime, he spent the entire day there till they got a room for him around midnight. (thank you Fiorella for all that you’ve done!  A wonderful sister-in-law)
Tuesday was a day full of doctors and questions and investigating.
Doctor ordered an ultrasound of bladder and an echo.  All normally functioning.
At this point they are questioning a lesion in spine interfering with the flow of the bladder.  They will have to take him to another hospital to do an MRI.  (not sure yet when that will be)
The whole point of the biopsies on Friday was to restage Tony.  So the results were in and delivered to us on Tuesday——mulitiple myeloma/plasmacytoma.  No sign of a secondary cancer.  WHEW!
So now the plan is ready to go, but they need to solve this urinary retention problem.
One doctor is not convinced that that’s all it is.  His symptoms are very similar to lymphoma.  He’s asking all kinds of questions, speaking to EVERYONE raising doubt and making sure that treatment is correct and the follow up be in a more timely manor and not like the last time allowing the nodes to double in size before they realized.
I am comforted knowing that he has about 5 doctors conferencing and making the right decisions.
What impresses me the most is my husband.  He is asking all kinds of questions.  An example is that he read somewhere about too much calcium gives you the shakes…..he’s been taking tums for acid…..tums is calcium.  He told the doctor and she walk away to check his chart and come back to him  to say “ya, you might be on to something!”  LOL His calcium numbers were slowly creeping up.  He was just above a high/normal level. I think the number was 2.63. But, I guess we’ll never really know what those violent shakes were all about last week, but in the meantime, NO MORE TUMS!  no more shakes.
I had an amazing sleep last night and am ready for my day with Tony.
Off to Humber now.
More soon.