Back to DFCI… wait, it’s not January?!

I decided to send an email to Dr. R to see if I could drop off the MRI of my shoulder for him to take a look at when he got a chance. I also mentioned to him the 1.75cm mass that was found on (in?) my upper left arm during PT while the therapist was massaging my shoulder. She had told me to show my doctor (which one?!) so I figured I’d mention it to him. I sort of blocked that out and never told anyone. Whoops. I kind of thought he would defer to my PCP. Anyway. Dr.R responded right away and said that he would like to see me to see the MRI and take a look at my “little lump.” He said there was “no mad rush but suggest we squeeze you in fairly soon.”

Baaaack to Dana-Farber I go!