Back Onto Treatment

Just a quick update. Unfortunately when I saw my consultant last week, my levels, which were 2 months old, had risen (Kappa 465). My ratio was stupidly high as my lambdas were, as always, very low, but we don’t take so much notice of them.

My Leicester consultant has passed me back to Angela, my Northampton one, while she handles the next phase of treatment. Basically this involves me going back on Revlimid and Dex (steroids) to try and get my levels down. Then, if that works, I will go back to Leicester to have one or more donor plasma injections. I wasn’t 100% donor cells, which can be more protective, so this could ‘bump’ me up.

There are possible issues in that they could cause graft versus host disease, although that can also fight the disease! Bit of a balance there!

I started the new regime yesterday – 10 mg of Revlimid once a day for 21 days and a week rest. 40mg dex once a week. Already fingers are swelling up, but on the other hand I feel fairly active! Expecting the usual puffy face. I tolerated this regime well last time, and the Revlimid is at a low dose for the moment (I was on 25 last time). However, having had the transplant, the side effects may be different.

Bit of a blow, but having to just get on with it. It’s complicated by the fact that the Cancer Fund, which deals with rarer conditions and drugs, is being cut for the second time. As I’m on Revlimid, which is being cut for some people, I should continue to get it, but if it doesn’t work, then one of the other possible drugs won’t be available. There are other drugs, but hopefully the Revlimid will work. I have been on it before, and came out of remission after about 18 months or so, so hopefully I haven’t built up a resistance to it.

I’m also having a colonoscopy soon to check out my polyps and also to make sure I haven’t got GVHD in my bowels, as I’ve been having some digestive issues. Can’t wait!!

Not much else to report. I’ll try to post a bit more regularly on how it’s going.