Back on Velcade

Well, another round of chemo has begun.  The myeloma made a slow but steady comeback, so, a year almost to the day that I stopped the last Velcade treatment, I’m back on it.  There will be some changes this time, though.  The doctors love the “three drug cocktail” (Velcade + Revlimid + Dexamethasone, a strong steroid).  They say it works synergistically to enhance the Velcade.  I had such a hard time with the Dex last time, it was very intense and crazy, so this time I have elected not to take it, or the Revlimid, which can cause a detached retina.  Those of you who know me well know what I’ve been through with eye inflammation (uveitis) and I am not risking any damage to my eyes from this.
What I am taking instead are several synergistic agents which are natural, at the direction of my naturopath.  He told me there are actual studies to show these work to enhance the effectiveness of Velcade.  (What they are:  Curcumin, Wobenzym pancreatic enzymes, L-Carnitine, PectaSol citrus pectin and magnolia bark.)  I’m going to see how these work this time, instead of the Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde crazy-making Dex, that was an absolute nightmare of a drug (jittery, insomnia, unreasonable anger and intense emotions – for days and days).  That first round of Velcade/Dex last year only brought my m-spike numbers down by half, so I didn’t get anywhere near remission.  This time I figure I haven’t got much to lose by trying these other substances with it instead.  
I’ll try and keep up more of an update here so people can know if this natural supportive regime works as well, or better, than the heavy drug regime.