Back on the Myeloma roller coaster ride

Someone, please, give me the strength to get through the next couple of weeks.
Today was a heavy day.  No one is saying it, but we suspect the transplants were a failure but they won’t really say until 100 days post transplant.  Hemoglobin has dropped to 83.  (transfusion happens below 80)
We have a few issues to clear up.
First, his nephrostomy tubes will be removed next week.
Second, another CT scan has been ordered.  This morning while showering, Tony noticed one thigh larger than the other.  Another plasmacytoma?
Third, he has a lump the size of a toonie on his left abdominal area. I felt this last Friday morning. The doctor suspects either the nephrostomy tube has shifted or tumor or an abscess. They did an ultrasound and this afternoon, she called us with the results.  She says with his aggressive tendencies to this disease, she needs to assume the worst and hope for the best.  She feels based on the results, it looks like it’s myeloma related. So, she will be scheduling a biopsy of this lump ASAP.
Fourth, his teeth keeps getting food stuck in them.  She recommends he see the oncology dentist again to assess what’s going on.  He was just there a few weeks back.


One day at a time.
Lots of appointments next week.  Hopefully, sooner rather than later.  We knew it would be a roller coaster ride with this disease, but this is getting ridiculous!  I am very frustrated.  SERIOUSLY!

I asked her about all the fuss about that Measles vaccine….”the cure to cancer”.  She says it will be many years before it could be here.  Lots of testing still to do.  With that, she actually said we could go to the United States………I look forward to hearing directly from Dr. Chen at PMH and Dr. Reece.  Dr. Reece comes from the Mayo clinic in New York.  Toronto is very blessed to have her as well as Dr. Tiederman. We shall see.  I’m feeling very anxious as Humber just brings back those awful memories from back in August and feels like we’re heading in that direction again.

On a brighter note, the GEMM Team is sitting at $8,260 total raised tonight!
The entire event so far is sitting at $208,600.  WOW!!!!!
Keep it coming everyone!