Back into the rhythm…

Well, it did take a day or so to get over the time differences. But it’s great to be home and baking bread and walking in the dark….

Everything was good here, My daughter and son kept things going smoothly.  Bonnie, the border collie with the seizures, seems to be doing good on her medicine. she is a sweet dog , so I hope this resolves it.

Today is another huge stress day as the tree cutters are coming to take the 2 giant trees down. They are going to drop them with the use of ropes to direct them. I’m anxious about it but I’m going to go to town for a bit so I hope at least one is done by the time I’m back. B has to go work the Sact co op , so he’s gone. IMG_0197.jpgWell, they know what they’re doing so that’s that. But it’s going to be a big pile of tree.

I’ll be glad when October is over, and the election.  :)