Back in the New York-ish groove

Just got in from Florida last night. Boy, do I hate air travel. Firstly, not fond of flying to begin
with, but, what a hassle it all is. After missing a turn, getting lost, and then stuck in traffic, worried we might miss our plane, our flight last Thursday was delayed about an hour going down, and yesterday’s was delayed 2 hours. We got to the airport early yesterday, not knowing how long the drive from Tim’s uncle’s place in Key Largo would take exactly, and didn’t take off until 5 hours later. GRRRR.
BUT, am glad to have had safe flights and 10- 11 hours of hassle for 2 days sure beats 6  LONG days in the car, and checking in and out of 4 hotels, which is what we would’ve faced going down and back.  Oh and a word of caution, if you don’t care to be felt up by someone after your metal scan, don’t wear a blouse with “jewels” or sparkly things on it. Lesson learned. Woman told me she would have to pat me down in that area (see if I was smuggling a weapon in my bra, AS IF
a weapon would fit in this little thang!) I said, “have a party.” I really didn’t care but then she moved
toward my 15 y-o daughter when she came out of the scanner and this momma bear closed in. She glanced at the jewelry on her wrists and waived her by. Touching my kid like that woulda been a WHOLE other story and not something I woulda gone for without REAL good reason.

Anyhoo, we had a great trip. Our employee, who is like family to us, got married on the beach in
Fort Lauderdale, which was the reason for our trip. Very sweet but wow, all that work and planning
and it was over in 10 minutes. We partied on the terraces of the Harbor Beach Marriot. Nice place.
We stayed in Fort L. until Sunday and then went down to see Tim’s Uncle Dave in Key Largo. Tim
and Liv swam with dolphins.They wanted to do this last time we were there in 2008, but the place was booked, so I made reservations in advance this time. Not much to do but relax and visit in Key Largo. Unless you’re a boater, fisher, or diver, there’s not a lot of other options there, but we were
there to see his uncle anyway. It was a teary good-bye yesterday. Love that man. He’s “good people.”

Tim and I have busy times ahead for us, and had a real busy spring leading up to it, so this was a great break from that. They have this thing called “Keys time” which is the slower pace things move
at in the Florida Keys and wow, do I get that, almost feel like my watch can’t possibly work in
both places.

Our first, “can’t get away from cancer moment” went like this, on the plane going down last Thursday.
There are 3 young kids sitting in front of us. A boy, the oldest, maybe 10 or 11, and his 2 younger sisters. Their mom is sitting across the aisle. They are watching the same thing on the TV. Youngest girl, maybe 4 or 5 says to her brother: “What’s wrong with her?”

Bro: “she’s sick.”
Sis: “with what?”
Bro: “a disease.”
Sis: “What kind of disease?”
Bro: “Cancer.”
Sis: “What’s cancer?”
Bro: “SHHH.” He’s trying to listen to the program and she won’t stop talking.
Sis: “What is cancer?”
Bro: annoyed now. “It’s nothing!!! I’ll tell ya later.”

Me, behind them, thinking, “well, kid, you got that part wrong, it certainly ain’t nothing. Not from where I’m sitting. Man, we just can’t get away from it, can we?” Unfortunately, it was just the first of many “cancer reminders.” What can ya do? It’s everywhere. Tim’s uncle’s wife, Carol, was not there this time, as she succumbed to ovarian cancer 2 summers ago. She and Tim were both on chemo when we visited back in ’08.

But, we had a good trip, nonetheless. Tim loves any place there’s a beach and Liv loves Florida and is threatening to move there now, or at least go to college there. I used to work for a woman whose daughter, also an only child, went to college there and liked Florida so much, she got a job after school and never came back home. UGH. I always wondered if my ex-boss and her husband ever moved there. When you have an only child, if you wanna be a part of their life, moving to the same area is always an option, I know some who’ve done that. I couldn’t deal with the heat and the bugs. I don’t really think Liv could either, but, if that’s what she wants………………well TOUGH, she ain’t getting it!!! Just kidding.

Oh well, back to the huge list of “apres holiday” chores. I’ll see if I can figure out how to post some pics on here.