Back in hospital

Hope you haven’t been worrying about the lack of entries. Have to keep this very short but to summarise:

Felt ok the first couple of days out of hospital. Then went to Leicester for appt and was exhausted for the days after that – profound fatigue though this is normal.

On Monday we had another long day at Leicester and my consultant said I should be ok at home. However, the next morning I had a temperature so all the way back to Leicester. Admitted after a long day of waiting to a single side room of the haem ward. But today I was moved into a 4 bay ward to day. One lady here is having hallucinations and thinks the nurses are attacking her.

They aren’t sure of my infection but my c.diff seems to reared up again.

Upshot is that I’ll be here a few more days at least.

Am still being told this is all par for the course and I’m doing OK.

Will be back in touch with any further news.