Back in Blogsville and an earthquake.

Back in Blogsville.
Not many postings from me recently mainly due to the impact of being diagnosed a diabetic. Diabetes has taken the wind out of my sails.
I am comfortable with myeloma, had it for over 9 years, been through several treatment/remission/relapse phases, keep up to date with myeloma news and now it seems Revlimid and dexamethasone have lowered my IgG levels down into the normal range.
Diabetes is an unwelcome invader into my body, just like myeloma was. Eight weeks on I am coping much better, accepted it and moving on to find my new normal.
Let the postings resume.

Three days ago there was a major earthquake in New Zealand (7.1) causing considerable damage to a major south island city, Christchurch. I live about 1050 km (655 miles) away in the north island. All is well here.
Buildings in NZ these days are built to strict earthquake codes and seem to have survived major damage. Older buildings and homes seem to have suffered considerable damage, many are being demolished.
There was no loss of life mainly due to the quake occurring at 4.30am.