Back from France

Coming home from holidays doesn’t seem to be the best time for me. In 2006 returning from Australia, was the greatest shock of my life, the confrontation with mm. But every summer since didn’t end as one would wish. In 2007 I got my allogen SCT, which got me down for about half a year. In 2008 I went to France with a complete remission and when I cam home I got the call that my m-proteins had gone up. That the first time in my life I heard Els swear. In 2009 there was some room to enjoy, but I had to have my third DLI. In 2010 the postman rang twice. In spring I came home sick from Zakyntos. In the period after this I was plagued by my ears. The summer 2010 I appeared to have a big plasmacytoma, which needed treatment urgently. This year I came home with a nasty sinusitis, which causes such a nasty couch that I so violent that it takes my breath away. Also at night I’m up every 2 or 3 hours. All of this has a tremendous effect on my not so rich physical condition.

What a sob story….. Is there nothing better and nicer to write about? Of course there is! It was wonderful in the Vendee! A fantastic camping without wifi on out patch. Finally time to read! In real books with paper and ink! In the next blog I will tell you which book I have read!

To your health