Back Among the…

mostly living. This is the first time since the transplant back on March 29 that I have felt energetic enough to post something. Since the transplant I have been a bit sick, mostly nauseous, thanks to all of the drugs I’m taking. I have mostly been just tired, having no energy at all. I was sprung from the hospital on Friday April 9, although parole might be a better description, since I have to go in for check-ups once or twice a week. Everyone tells me I’m doing well, either on or ahead of schedule. I have to admit, it doesn’t always feel that way. But today I had enough energy to read, and to write. So now it’s up to me to press myself a little more each day, regain strength, and the ability to focus. Right now I’m good for about 1or 2 hours a day. I’m hoping to double that by next week. I have to admit, it feels good to write again. Thanks for your prayer, I assure you they are felt.
Deacon John
Tuesday of the Third Week of Easter
April 19, 2010